Is 12gb ram, necessary?


i have 12 gb ram in my configuration but rarely even go pasted 4gb according to (resource manager). I have 3 4gb sticks, 2 are corsair and one is gskill. All sticks have the same specs but I've heard that mixing different brands isn't good. Will my PC run better, if i remove the gskill and stick with 8gb? I appreciate the help.

Asus m4a88t-m
phenom ii x6 1045t
geforce gt 430
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  1. 1. 12GB would only ever be completely used under heavy video editing/rendering or extreme multitasking. What do you primarily use your PC for?
    2. Well the problems start when you mix RAM speeds. If you mix speeds with different sticks, all sticks will be bumped down to the lowest speed. I've never heard anything about different brands being a problem...
  2. The PC is mainly being used for heavy internet use, bluray, and light gaming. Cool, i believe all sticks have the same ram speed. Would you recommend i go down to 8gb or it wont make a difference if i leave all 12?
  3. For 'Gaming' 8GB is the 'magic number' ; nice article ->,2778-8.html

    I really, really, cannot stress enough not to mix-match RAM especially breaking Dual Channel.

    The Best Way to know when you need more RAM is to open the Resource Monitor and look to see if any FREE memory is listed. If not then 'something's' being compromised.

    Normal use, non Gaming rig still has some 'Free' listed (it's now running 12GB 3x4GB X58):
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