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I discovered today that one of my 4GB RAM sticks had died. I realized there was an issue when during bootup, only 8GB was recognized by BIOS. I tested each DDR3 stick in the MB RAM slot one, and all but the one booted up the computer.

On researching my local computer hardware distributor, it was discovered they no longer carry the brand of RAM purchased originally. The 12GB was purchased as a kit of 3 x4MB DDR3 PC3-10666 1333Mhz sticks.

My question is ... can I mix manufacturers? I'd prefer not to have to replace all 3 just to replace 1 faulty one. If it's doable, is there anything I need to be particularly aware of when purchasing a replacement?
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    Mixing manufacturers is ok provided 1) the RAM Hz (frequency) is unchanged, 2) the RAM timings are unchanged, 3) the RAM voltage is unchanged, 4) the type (DDR, DDR2, DDR3) is unchanged.

    Keep in mind that this will give you the best probability of success; no guarantees.
  2. You can check ebay if someone is selling their kit by typing same model number, or you can sell yours and recovered the fund for new ram.
  3. FYI, unless you are editing video more than 6GB is overkill. You will see absolutely NO difference in multi-tasking and gaming to have 12GB vs 6GB (except your case will be hotter).

    You can get 3x2GB for as little as $40 at NCIX.

    *RAM replacement is usually with the manufacturer. Are you certain they don't have a replacement because that's pretty odd, plus if you bought it as a kit they would have to take all your RAM and send you a different kit if they don't have your exact same one.
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