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G.Skill Ripsjaws x OR Crucial Ballistix Elite

So I'm planning on building a new system; it will be Ivy Bridge (i5 3570K), will have either a GTX680 or 7970 GPU (whichever is cheaper at the time) and will be used for Gaming/Video Editing/other computational intense things such as E-mail. I've heard that DRAM prices will be going up so I decided to get some before it happens. At the moment I've narrowed it down between these two kits:

G.Skill Ripjaws X | 1866 | 8-9-9-24-2N
Crucial Ballistix Elite | 1866 | 9-9-9-27-1T

Both are 1.5 2x4Gb kits; I'm tempted to lean towards G.Skill since I'm more familiar with it and its CAS 8; however, the Crucial kit has CR1 and I've seen them overclock to 2133 CAS8 while staying within 1.65v. Also the Crucial kit will match the color scheme I have going so far so thats a plus.

Any thoughts, suggestions, etc?
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    I personally would go with the G-Skill since I wouldn't run the RAM beyond 1866MHz. The tighter timings would have a better performance increase than OCing the chips would.
  2. Corsair Vengance DDR3-1600 4GB kit (2x4GB) - $54 at
  3. Thanks for the help
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