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ok this just plain stupid i have a biostar A770e3 mobo and my friend has an A870u3 mobo and were both hooked up propely (in the audio both headphone and mc port will not work worth a crap :fou: and i have tried to do every thing i can think of the try to resolve this but it will not work) both computers were built this year (2011) and have pluged in the needed parts to get it to work but no luck (if at all) plaes give me an ansew other than "disable front jack detecktion" or 1million steps that willhave to to over an over agian just to get it to work :pfff:
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  1. install the drivers.
  2. iam2thecrowe said:
    install the drivers.

    i did but no luck (oh and i fixed my problem but not my friends)

    still looking
  3. Have you look in your sound manager software.
  4. yes
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    There should be audio mode /between the new and a legacy mode/ switcher in the BIOS, maybe it worth trying to switch it.
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