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Too much struggle. Just to play Black Ops with no stutter on my 4.5 year old dell.

Today, I disabled my sound card and tried playing Black Ops.

People told me I needed to change to 16 bit, 40000KHz? Hz? GHz? or something I don't know.

Though I still play in the 30's and up fps, the game is SO MUCH SMOOTHER!!

anyway. playing with no sound is still boring.

Just to fix the stupid stutter, I was thinking about buying a whole new computer, but I guess I'll just stick with replacing a sound card.

For Black Ops people out there, pleaese tell me what bit and hertz I need to set my sound card to in order to play black ops fine.

Also, I need to buy a new sound card since mine is Sigmatel (what the crap is this?)

Please recommend a sound card that won't cause ANY stuttering on Black Ops.

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  1. I Recommend getting this sound card... It's like the most popular right now...
  2. ^^ Totally obsolete. For a cheap option, I recommend the ASUS Xonar DS. [The DX is more capable, but I wouldn't sink too much money into such an old PC]

    Odds are, one of two things are causing your PC to slow down:

    1: Bad soundcard drivers
    2: Weak CPU

    In any case, getting a soundcard will NOT help if its the 2nd, because sound isn't HW accelerated. So it won't help any. System specs would help a bit...
  3. well. i've already decided NOT to upgrade anything else because of my budget.
    i DO have a low fps. but its playable without sound. however, i want to keep this gameplay WITH sound so i thought about upgrading my sound card.

    any card recommended for Black Ops? i heard black ops had some issues with sound cards as well.

    P.S. i can only get to best buy. no where else. no online.
  4. I haven't ever heard of your onboard sound card or any for that matter causing game stutters. There must be another problem.. what cpu do you have in your Dell.
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