No Bios on Startup

Ok Recently i had an issue where my Rig would start-up but i Would no display... Turns out it was a Psu issue. So after replacing my PSU i still have an issue. now my pc boots up fine except i get no Bios screen and no display until the Windows 7 logo

MY specs are
AMD PhenomII X6 1090T
8 gbs of Ram
Crossfire Radeon hd 6950's
Corsair AX 850 professional Series Gold
Mboard Asus M4A89GTD Pro

All help will be greatly aprecieated .. also spelling classes are welcome
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  1. May not be anything wrong. If you have no bios errors and it is set to stop (F1) at errors and the logo is turnned off, there would be nothing to see. I see the Windows logo because my Samsung monitor is slow to wake up and boot is fast with ssd.
    Hold down dele even though you can't see bios and it will stop at bios to let you check your settings.
  2. well the thing is it used to display and then it didnt .. i just disconnected one of my cards and booted it up and it displayed the bios screen so i reconnected it and once again no bios screen. Also Holding delete still doesnt display the bios screen.
    when im testing to see if Xfire is working it says it is however i never disabled the onboard gpu so ... could that cause these issues?
  3. The problem is that your computer is displaying the BIOS boot screen on the output from the other Video card. Once it boots into windows, it senses that your monitor is connected to the second Video card and it then switches to display on that card. You should connect your display to the first card (the one closest to your CPU). Also, make sure that you DON'T enable "Surround View" in BIOS. As long as Surround View is set to Auto or Disabled your onboard display adapter is disabled when a discrete video card is installed (AKA the 6950's).
  4. Moniter is already connected to the 1st cable ... Surround veiw is disabled.. saw a thread where a guy have solved by updating his bios.. updated mine and now the old problem of no display period started. which makes me more sure this is a Mboard issue ... Frustration.
  5. Ok so after flashing Bios to an earlier version i now get no Display till i get to Windows Starts. Again any suggestions are welcome. Im willing to try.. almost anything
  6. Having the same exact issue here. After doing a lot of searching this is the only thread that is addressing this issue. I am not sure what to do, just started happening today as I installed my second Sapphire 6870. I called Asus and all they did was tell me to send it in. I am not going to do that until I know for sure I have to (rather not be without a comp for 2 weeks).

    Somebody please help. Thanks
  7. Ya I dont really wanna Shut my pc down before the end of this month either so im just living with it and waiting i dont have an immediate need for my Bios overclocking can wait. iv tried everything i can think of and flashing my Bios had an immediate effect as did taking out a single card so ... im betting its the Mboard probably gonna send it in the beginning of may and hope they fix it or ..send me an upgrade
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