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Hey, I just finished my first new build and it's been up for about 3 days now. -Everything seems to be running well (knock on wood).

So far the major things I've installed are Windows and the newest GPU driver from ATI. -My wireless card is the old Linksys wmp54g v2. I forget where, but I read that I can go to the actual "chip maker" and get a newer driver from them, but it seems like it's working fine without doing anything.

My main concern though...I still haven't installed anything for the mobo. Sorry, my system...

HAF 922
Asus P8P67 Pro (B3/R3)
i5 2500K - Still stock - Waiting for fan
2x 4gb Jigsaws X (F3-12800CL8D-8GBXM)
Radeon HD 5550
Samsung Spinpoint F3 1Tb
Windows 7 OEM
Corsair 750TXV2

I just used the Resource and Performance Monitor in Windows again and it said I'm missing the drivers for a PCI Simple Communications Controller, 2 USB Controllers, a Ethernet Controller, and a SM Bus Controller.

I have the disc for the mobo but I'm pretty sure there is newer/better stuff out. When I went to the ASUS site to get new drivers I got pretty confused. -Most of the dates are still from last year. For the USB - it looks like I should get the top (newest) file, but if I do that it seems like the version numbers are off.

I feel like I can't really start installing/playing games n all until I know all of this is taken care of. If anyone can tell me what I should do next that would be great. :D

Other info...there are almost no post screens and no splash screens. There is a screen with about 5 short lines on top (too fast for me to read) and on the bottom it says something like Press <Space> to continue. -I think this is odd so I figured I'd throw it in, but I'm really not worried atm because it does boot right to windows after that short screen. Again, any info on this would be great though.

Thanks a lot for reading this huge post and I really appreciate any direction you can give me.
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  1. Download the latest drivers for your OS. They have two drivers for USB. One is WHQL and the newer one is not. Don't worry about WHQL, but do avoid Beta drivers. Read the description.
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    Install the mobo drivers from the disc, those boards are new.
  3. Wow, I really would've thought there was more to download besides the CD. -Good stuff, for now I guess.

    And yeah, I forgot to mention that I've been downloading the Windows updates too. Atm I have 3 important patches and 20 optional still to go. The 3 are the Malware remover, IE9, and SP1. Out of the 20, the only one that looked good was the Broadcom driver update.

    -Thanks again.
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