Gigabyte GV-N560SO-1GI crashes all the time

This time I am building a new machine using an ASRock Fatal1ty motherboard with Gigabyte GV-N560SO-1GI graphics card, something I would like to share with you. Check out my gear …

I have to say, I think ASRock’s Fatal1ty is such a beautiful motherboard. This is the first time I have seen ASRock launch a decent products. I just love the colour and the design of this Fatal1ty. :D

Moving on….the graphic card is pre-overclocked and comes with Ultra Durable VGA+ Quality Components and WindForce 2X (Dual Fans)

My first impression of the graphics card is wow, two really big fans in the front. The cooling must be good, but the quality feels very cheap and brittle. Well… I am saving money for others goods, so I can’t complain much.

There is something I would like to point out as soon as I saw the white sticker on the PCB layer. Remember several months ago, Gigabyte had a similar case happen on the HD4550 and 5670 series. :fou:

I hope this is not the same thing all over again. As a Gigabyte lover, I really hope this is not happening AGAIN. So I held my breath, and removed the sticker…… Unbelievable! I saw GV-N460SO-1GI…. ***, is this a 460 GPU or 560 GPU card I purchased or not? I am very confused now. :pfff:

After booting the card, my stress level of seeing a 460 PCB is relieved, as it says it’s a 560 TI GPU in the system. Giga, stop doing this to prevent people from getting a heart attack.

As this card said it is Super Overclock on the colour box, so naturally the first thing I would like to try out is the 3D Mark Bench Marking to see what this beast can do….

But the sad news is, the graphics card failed after 6 mins of running 3D Mark 06. So I tried it again without joy… :non:

Then I tried another software, Fur Mark to see whether it is a 3D Mark issue or not. 10 mins later, I heard a high pitched noise from my machine and then my screen went blank and the program crashed.

Is this supposed to be a Super Overclock version? The card can’t even finish half of the bench mark tests, how am I supposed to run any graphics intensive games with it?? So I thought if I opened the chassis to cool the machine down a bit to prevent crashes. Guess what, stuffy hot air came out from the machine right in to my face. (This chassis is not supposed to be like this, check out the image)…. My first feeling is, this is not good…….. well…… what can I say, I am stuck with a easily over heated graphics card. Just another unhappy experience form Gigabyte… again. :non:

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  1. This time i had an addtional fan on side, still not working... CRASH
  2. =)), Gigabyte deleted images?
  3. limited said:
    =)), Gigabyte deleted images?

    Go to to register and login u will see the images.

    To map01ch:

    They reuse the GTX460's board, not GPU, it's normal.
    About crashes, just return the card for warranty.
    Nothing to worry here :non:
  4. I have one of their gtx 460s and the quality is only in the pcb. The cooling is junk and those fans are sharp so keep your fingers out of the way unless your skin is like thick leather. Most of these cards start having problems after a month or so because of the power vrm overheating along with the vram. To get these to last like many gtx 460 and gtx 560 you need to mod the card but some are pushing their luck 4-6months later after their initial purchase.
  5. The factory OC'd cards from Gigabyte seem to be having issues from what I've seen, or is it just me seeing this?
  6. nneo said:
    Go to to register and login u will see the images.

    To map01ch:

    They reuse the GTX460's board, not GPU, it's normal.
    About crashes, just return the card for warranty.
    Nothing to worry here :non:

    I just got another new one :lol:
  7. I got the 900MHZ version (pluged it in yesterday), and runned crysis warhead 1900x1200 4 AA and enusiast all (physx on GPU) and it went very well...

    Ill have to get Riva tunner and test all the components, want to know if i need to return it soon.
  8. Change your power supply (Seasonic, Corsair, Coolermaster...) and minimum 600watts for the power.
  9. My card works beautifully and does not overheat at all the FPS games that I have BO or CoC, MW, MW2, Homefront, BC2, MoH, in addition to Crysis2 where in the room at a temperature of 26'C, even at minimum settings, the controller is reset - see clipping 2s.

    It helps reduce the core clock at 950MHz and increase the speed of windmills from 70'C temperature at 100% - MSI afterburner. Obodowa is well cooled I have 2x80mm and 1x80mm in out + 14cm fan 650W Chieftec watts.

    Card easily passes tests in 3Dmark Vantage GPU score reaching a result 18 065 - Performance.
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