Graphic cards compatible with Asus DDR2 Motherboard.

Are the new DDR 3,4,5.. Graphic cards compatible with my Asus 945G DDR2 Motherboard??
If So.. which one do you recommend.. a small list will be extremely appreciated..
Thanks a bunch..-Lee James.
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  1. You gave a chipset number instead of a model number. I checked out some of the cheaper ASUS boards for 775 socket and they are PCI-E 1.0. Video cards are backwards compatible however but will only have the equivalent bandwith of a PCI-E x8 2.0. That's not really a big deal since it will only be a few fps penalty with even the most expensive graphics cards. Anything in the $150 range won't be eating up all the bandwith though. What's your graphics card budget and the actual model number of your ASUS board? It should look something like this ASUS P5L-MX Intel 945G.
  2. Also what CPU and Graphics card are you using at the moment and how much RAM do you have in your system?
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