12Tb NAS Server

Building a rack mount NAS Server. Here are the specs:

CPU: AMD Anthlon x2 3.0Ghz Regor - $60.99
MOBO: ASRock A770DE ATX - $53.99
RAM: 2Gb G Skill DDR3 1333 - $19
CASE: NORCO RPC-250 Black 2U - $77
PSU: OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ500MXSP 500W 80 Plus rated - $64.99
HDDs: 6x WD Caviar Green WD20EARS 2TB - $479

NAS Total - $277
Total - $757

I'm going to run Ubuntu 11.04 with XBMC for media content push and MythTV for DVR capturing over HD Homerun Network box.

What I'm storing:

1 HD movies/tv library - 5Tb
2 Music library - 1Tb
3 Data backup from workstation* - 6Tb hot swappable
A - Project Files
B - Encoded Video files
C - Raw HD video files
D - Raw audio files
E - Music (self created)
Ubuntu - 25Gb partition.

Ok questions:
Is there a cheaper, reliable brand, PSU that can take up to 6x SATA HDDs? It needs to be 80 Plus cert. This NAS will be on 24/7/365 and it's important to me it's a green computer.
What RAID config should I use for my backing up files (Number 3 in my list)? I want to have these hot swap drives, because when they fill up, I plan on storing the drives and replacing with fresh drives.
What RAID config should I use for my HD Videos and Music (Number 1-2 in my list)? I would like to pool these together and I don't plan on backing them up.
*What is the best method for backing up my workstation? I plan on running a backup utility daily at 3AM to back up only my Project data for my video and audio editing, which is on a 600Gb pool. I won't be making any duplicates of files, just updating changes of backups and new created files. Should I run this utility to an USB 3.0 External HDD and dump it to my NAS when it fills up or should I run the utility over my 10/1000 network to the NAS directly?
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