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Hey guys,

I just bought my new MSI GX 560 Ti-Hawk, unfortunately the Case I use now is a Dell XPS Studio 435MT, which is pretty small so I decided to upgrade my case to a HAF 912 gaming case, so it gives better airflow to my new video card and everything else. I am having trouble with some of the motherboard connections such as the FP1 PWR Switch, Power LED + and -, HDD LED + and - and RESET Switch Front panel connections, my computer will not turn on. I get a right light on the front of my computer turn on about it. I do not know exactly how the connections go with this case because in the dell case the Front Panel connectors are all color coded. I do not know how they go.

Any help would be much appreciated. My motherboard is a DELL 435MT intel x58.
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  1. The only way to setup the front panel correctly is to find the motherboard manual and see which pins correspond to what. Trial and error works too if you can't find the manual.
  2. The manual doesn't do *** because in the DELL 435MT Manual the ******* front panel connection is all color coded...

    The manual is here, if anyone can help, it'd be really great:

    Sorry guys I am just annoyed been working on hooking up this motherboard all day in the new HAF 912 case, and not working and it works excellent in the case it's in now?
  3. Are the connections going from the front panel not labeled? If nothing else, the manual for the case should make mention of it.
  4. hmm the manual for the case? you think there is one for the haf 912 online, I didn't get one when I bought mine, probably cause it was an open box item maybe? idk

    Could it be possible the case doesn't work, since I bought it open box, but they wouldn't sell it if it didn't work anyway..
  5. Here is the online manual: HAF 912

    I think what you may need to do is compare the connections from your original Dell case to your HAF 912 connections and try to match up what color corresponds to which type of connection. Usually the connections from the front panel are labeled, either by writing on the connector or a label.
  6. the front panel connections from the dell case are all color coded, the colors are even different then the ones in the haf 912 case. so it's not like I can't see the colors and line them up but for instance there is a yellow one and there isn't a yellow one in the haf 912 front panel wires... weird.

    Theres a pic of my dell 435MT motherboard for reference, there's like no room under the video card pci-express x16 slot as u can see too for decent graphics card airflow, I just want better airflow for my gtx 560 ti. That's the main reason I bought the HAF 912 case to begin with w/ an extra 2 case fans for better airflow overall.

    Should I just buy another X58 motherboard, probably be a lot easier to install with one, since this dell 435MT motherboard blows and the manual doesn't help at all.
  7. In the old dell, were all the pin connections from the front panel 3 or 4 pins? From the picture, the bottom color coded rectangles all seem to be 3 or pin connectors.
  8. Idk about old dells but it's like the pic I showed you.
  9. The power switch is really the only one that is essential. The LED's and the reset switch aren't essential. You can use a VOM to determine which of the Dell wires connect to the Dell power switch, and then connect the switch from the new case to the same connectors on the motherboard. Sometimes the plugs will be different and you have to improvise. That is the reason that people will tell you that upgrading prebuilt computers like the Dell can be a problem. Dell and the others do their own thing and don't adhere to a standard like the separate parts manufacturers do.
  10. Yeah but what do you mean a VOM? voltometer you mean right? Don't got one but I just got off DELL chat support gonna try the configuration he said it was.
  11. I'm going to try the swap out of my dell xps studio case into the haf 912 one more time and finick with the FP1 wires.
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