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Hi, this is my first post to this forum. Im planning on building my first gaming computer soon (within the next month or so) and would like some feedback on the parts I have lined up. Ive spent the past few weeks learning about different components, amd vs intel, etc and I think ive come good build.

My main focus on the computer is gaming. Im building this computer around the new Battlefield 3 game coming out later this year. Im coming from playing games only on my ps3. Im an avid COD, BF, Killzone player on the ps3.

I orignially wanted to stay under $1000 for everything including monitor, mouse, and keyboard but that was difficult lol

Overclocking is not something I know much about but I am interested in it so im keeping that in mind for my build. Dual GPU's is not a necessity right now so im building it around a single GPU. I intend to add another card in the future as needed.

So here is the list...

CPU - Intel Core i5-2500k 3.3 1155
Motherboard - ASUS Sabertooth P67
GPU - MSI N560GTX-TI Twin Frozr II/OC GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB 256-bit
PSU - Rosewill 850watt
RAM - G Skill Ripjaws 4gb X 4 1600 (16GB total) (already ordered during a sale)
CPU Cooler - Corsair CWCH50 Water Cooler
Hard Drive - 500GB Sata 6 gb/sec 7,500rpm
Optical Drive - Standard DVD-RW 24x Drive
OS - Windows 7
Case - Cooler Master Elite 430 Mid Tower + a few extra 120mm fans for cooling.
Monitor - ASUS 23" LED 1080P Computer Monitor
Mouse - Undecided
Keyboard - Undecided

Any suggestions for saving money, better combo's, etc I appreciate you time and comments. Thanks.
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  1. Well, I'd change the PSU right away, I wouldn't use a rosewill if I were paid to, not unless I was being payed more than the cost of the components it's about to fry.

    Build wise, 1K more is doable for a full build.

    $21 free ship w/ promo code

    Antec 300 $60 w/ $15 MIR

    Spinpoint F3 500gb $50

    5850 $140
    Amazing deal right now. Performs the same at a 6870 for only $140.

    XFX core edition 750w $115 w/ $20 MIR

    OS win 7 oem $100

    GA p67a-ud4 and i5 2500k $395
    xfire/sli capable mobo.

    Scythe Mugen $40

    Asus 23" 1080p $170 w/ $15 MIR

    Total including shipping: $1115.50
    After rebates: $1065.50

    If you really want to bring it to $1000, you can swap the mobo to a non xfire capable GA p67A-Ud3, the HD to a 7200.12 500gb and monitor to this 21.5" acer
  2. Even a single GTX560 does pretty well in 1080P; looks to be a very solid rig, IMO....
  3. Here are some suggestions:
    1) CPU and motherboard are as good as it gets.
    2) Gaming performance is mostly determined by the graphics card. GTX560ti is a good card. If you have any extra budget, spend it here.
    3) Don't know about rosewill quality for a psu. I would stick with a known quality vendor such as Corsair, XFX, Seasonic, Antec, or PC P&C. A quality 650w psu will power up to a GTX580. How about the XFX650w unit for $60 after rebate?
    It is the 12v amps that is most important, not the wattage. The XFX 750w unit will have a similar amperage as the rosewill:
    4) 8gb of ram is more than enough for gaming and multitasking. If you want, sell off two sticks.
    5) Don't bother with water cooling. A simple air cooler like the cm hyper 212 will be just as good. Only if you are into competitive overclocking might liquid cooling be in order.
    6) Hard drive is OK, but have you considered a SSD for your OS and apps? Expect to pay $2 per gb. Windows 7 will take 13gb without any space pruning. Use a cheaper 500gb drive for storage and backups. You will be pleased with how much quicker your system feels with a SSD. Look to Intel to be reliable performers.
    Otherwise, look at a 1tb drive. They are denser, and the first parts will be somewhat faster than a 500gb drive. There is not much of a price premium.

    ---------------good luck----------------
  4. banthracis said:
    Well, I'd change the PSU right away, I wouldn't use a rosewill if I were paid to, not unless I was being payed more than the cost of the components it's about to fry.

    I had originally picked a Corsair 850 watt PSU but the rosewill had similar positive reviews and was $40 cheaper. I might spring for the corsair when the time comes just for peace of mind...
  5. Like the above poster stated the Intel® Core™ I5 2500K and the Asus P67 board are great. They are about as good as you are going to get. I would look at another power supply, really with this build look for something in the 600 to 750 watt power supply. If you are going to overclock I have heard a lot of good things about the 212+ if you aren’t going to overclock the processor the stock heatsink should work well.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  6. WOW thanks for quick and informative reply's! Alot of good information here. Ok, so I will go with a better PSU and ditch the water cooler for a CM 212. I might sell the other 2 sticks of ram if I can find a buyer.
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