Install components on mobo before inserting to case?

I was wondering do most people put cpu/hsf/ram into the mobo before they stick it in the case? is there any advantages/disadvantages to doing it this way instead?
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  1. Installing the CPU and heatsink first can make it significantly easier to put the heatsink on, and it reduces the amount you are flexing the board. Putting in the ram is often just a bit easier since you have more room to work with, thats optional as to whether you do it inside or outside the case, but i would do the CPU and heatsink outside.
  2. Ah ok, I've always done it in the case previously. But this new build is the first one with a large custom HSF and not just a stock one so it seems like a much better way to do it.
  3. Many of the aftermarket heatsinks require a backplate to be installed which will require the motherboard to be out of the case or your case to have a hole in the motherboard tray for you to access the backplate from, in which case its definitely easier to install with it out of the case.
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