RealTemp and SpeedFan core temp different ?

Intel C2D E8500 3.16 - 4 gb ram

RealTemp core temp: 12

SpeedFan core temp: 43

whats the problem anyone got an idea ?

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  1. software can worng read temperature, just trush with core temp or you can compare with Hwmonitor .
    if Hwmonitor show same as with core temp .. .i think Ok trust coretemp Software
  2. Trust me I did away with all of those sensors (Speedfan, RealTemp, HwMonitor) a while ago.

    You should try Open Hardware Monitor. It is almost exactly like HwMonitor except much, much more customizable.
  3. ok that was a realtemp problem

    speedfan and coretemp have same temp reading

    and i agrre open hardware monitor (gpu clock and fsb, cpu etc ....) seem way better then hardware monitor

    thx you guys
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