Do I need to change motherboard?


I am using Intel original 946 motherboard with Intel core2 duo processor...few months ago due to sparking in my computer main power wire
My wire burnt and display card's one port damaged luckily Graphic card has 2 ports so using another now for long time
just one difference getting that whenever I use to attach new device display goes out for moment and comes again(working perfectly)

My mouse working good but after few hours /or early I need to reattach it as mouse hangs and its light too goes off.
I changed the mouse but the problem is the same

I am guessing that may be sockets on mother got disturbed due to sparking as the problem is with those socket who were in use that time

last two days my PC hanged and forced me to repair system and check disk, then it showed disk read error and press (alt shift Del) to restart it
and I also got message that any device is improperly connected but all devices and wires are firmly connected
But I cleaned and reattached now PC currently working fine

Other thing is that my cabinet is broken from front if someone push it further than its front part can be easily disturbed.. so cabinet can do the cause with connections? as where motherboard and devices are attached that part is rock solid,,just start button do the problem only if cabinet is disturbed from front.

So do I need to change motherboard? or should purchase cabinet first?
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  1. You may change cases to any number of atx units. If you are using onboard video or a low end video card, then 300 watts may be enough. You may also find a used case w/ power supply on craigslist or ebay. I recommend antec. Use an esd strap if you move all your components over to the new case. They can cost as little as $1, and will prevent damage to your components due to static discharge from your hands.
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