best 19" CRT?

So far my choices are the Viewsonic A90f+ and the Samsung SyncMaster 955DF. Which of these two are better? Are there any others you guys would recommend? Price is not an issue, I need the best over all quality. My main use is for playing all sorts of games and also DVDs.
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  1. From Sony's website:
    Sony CPD-G420S
    The G420S 19 display is ideal for the demanding corporate professional. The visually flat, high-resolution FD Trinitron® CRT combined with tight 0.24mm (min) aperture grille pitch delivers superior image clarity and brighter colors making it perfect for everything from spreadsheets and detailed graphic presentations to browsing the Internet and gaming.

    or check out the top 10 19" monitors at,aid,107477,00.asp

    I'm looking at getting a 21"...Sony has a CPD-G520 refurb for $499 shipped.
  2. Sony$$$$$$$

  3. viewsonic p95f+ is a choice.
  4. you get what you pay for
  5. I have the G420S and its the crispest CRT I have ever seen. And the colors are rich and vibrant, I couldn't ask for more.
  6. I have not seen the clarity of the samsung, but I really liked the clarity of viewsonic. I think you can't go wrong with viewsonic.

    Sony would be the BEST choice, but yes it is $$$$$... BUT it's well worth the $$$.
  7. I'm getting the Iiyama Vision Master Pro 454 19" on my next system

    It comes with built in speakers and a USB hub and its compact unlike some other 19" CRT's. It's been picked out as the best 19" by many magazines and internet sites.

    It also has a Ultra High Brightness tube which could be handy.

    Nuff said
  8. Yes, good choice on the Iiyama. Another nice feature is that it has 2 SVGA inputs, with a switch on the front to easily change between 2 PC's. Two PC's, one monitor, good deal!

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