Licence Refunds

Although I 'm posting this under W7, valid for any Windows O/S.

Has anybody ever received a refund for a OEM version of the o/s provide by the likes of HP, Dell etc etc.

Currently having an argument with HP over getting a refund for W7 Home Premium OEM that I'm not using due to using Linux.

They say they don't have a procedure in place for this and that the software is free.

I countered this by saying no manufacturer gives away £70 worth of software when they would have had to pay Microsoft and even gave them various URLs pointing out they do indeed have some sort of policy in place.

For example ..

So now waiting for email confirmation that they are not going to refund after talking to girl from the U.S, going to take this to trading Standards as they are in breach of EULA which they constantly enforce for there own ends.
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  1. I think you're SOL since the OS comes bundled with the computer.
  2. I think Grumpy's right - if you want to save money by running Linux then you need to buy a computer that doesn't have Windows on it in the first place.

    What you're trying to do is kind of like buying a car with leather seats and then trying to sell the leather seats back to the car company because you didn't need them.
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