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Some months ago I had my network working fine then suddenly it just stopped working.
I am running Windows 7 on my (dixie)pc and vista on other laptops. I use a netgear wireless router.
In network on dixie I can see other pcs but I cannot open any of them.
The vistas can see and open windows 7 and each other.
On w7 I get the error message: you might not have permission to use this network resource, check with administrator etc.
All my permissions are checked when I right click users/properties. All is turned on for sharing in File and folder sharing.
It is driving me mad and I don't know what to do next!
I hope someone can tell me what Im doing wrong!
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  1. have you tried to disable the firewalls on the PC and see of that has any effect?
  2. I did turn off windows firewall but that didnt change anything. I am running the free version of Avast, I don't think that is a firewall? I did think about uninstalling it temporarily but I had this programme on when my network worked before. Do you think I should uninstall it to see if it makes any difference?
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