When will the GTX 580 come OC'ed at 100MHz


Am I right that this card would be a monster??? I seriously doubt it will eclipse the top dual GPU Radeon, how could it?

I want to pay $450-500 for a single GPU GTX 580 clocked at 1000Mhz {NO LESS} ----- until the die shrink that approacheth rapidly ----- how could I pay so much for the GTX 580 now????


I got 460GTX Galaxy cards in SLI the 810Mhz variety. Not too bad!
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  1. You're missing one zero in the title, now it looks silly. :/
  2. lol. if i'm not mistaken you'll have to use LN2 to run the card at 1Ghz....but if GF110 was made using 28nm fabrication maybe they can run it on air :na:
  3. 1GHz? Not happening anytime soon. The best currently available that I'm aware of is 850, and that's with water cooling (and substantially more expensive than $500).
  4. Yes, but that's with a triple slot cooler and a bit of luck. I don't see factory clocks anywhere near that anytime soon.
  5. If this sh8t ain't dropped to 28 NANOES Mutha schmucker ainn -a gonna buy this old s*it
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