6 ports NIC

Hello THW,

i would like to buy this nic


and i have Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD49


i am not sure it is compatible. The card use PCI-X slot and it is intended for server market. I do not have pci-x slot, and i wonder if i can use it in one of the pci slots on my motherboard.

Can you guys let me know if that would be compatible?

Thank you.
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  1. Best I can find is a four port PCI-E 4x, they also do 2 port versions.

  2. If you look up PCI-X in Wikipedia you'll discover that there are 3.3V and 5V versions of PCI and PCI-X. If you check your PCI slot and learn which type it is, then compare it to the card you are looking at, then you should be able to determine whether it's compatible.

    Note that if you put it in a PCI slot, it won't run at full speed or width - if you get a PCIe card, it will run at its full capacity.
  3. Intel sells a bunch of multi port NICs. What do you need a 6 port NIC for anyway?

    PCIX is not PCI and is in no way compatible.

    PCIe 4x/8x dual or quad port 1gb or 10gb is about what you'll find.
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