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Okay, so I just built a new system with Led fens and the whole 9 yards. I had a used AM2 motherboard lying around and I put that in the case, idk where it came from. Then I bought a new PSU, CPU a new Graphics card and some good memory. I put this all together and everything turned on and looked like it was running smoothly. This all was good UNTIL I plugged the darn thing into my monitor. I cant get video from anything, I tried different graphics cards and even the on-board video. I tried clearing the BIOS with no success and there aren't even any beeps. Once again it sounds and looks like everything is okay. Then I also noticed that when I try to turn off the computer with the power button, the CPU fan turns off but nothing else does. What the heck is the problem???!!??
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  1. Have you got some details on the board, mem, GPU its hard to diagnose without that
  2. The board has an Acer sticker on it so I'm assuming it came from an Acer system. The model number is MCP81PM-AM, It is socket AM2. The memory is 2GB of 667MHZ DDR2.
    And my graphics card is an ATI Radeon 4850. All of these components (besides the motherboard) came from a working pc. My thought is that the motherboard is bad, but It's too hard to tell.

    UPDATE- I tried taking everything out and putting it together on some cardboard, this didn't help at all.
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