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So I recently replaced my HEC 585WD Power Supply with one my friend had and it's a BFG Tech 450W GS Power Supply. My question is this: it has a 120mm fan on top and I have to put it in the top portion of my case. Is it alright to have the fan pointing down since the only way the screw holes line up is when the power supply seems to be upside down with the 120mm fan pointing down.

also is the 120mm fan supposed to suck air into the PSU and out the back vent? cause my case is a mess of wires and space is really tight.

Will it be a problem if I do some gaming such as such as metro on occasion, LoL, WoW, ME1&2, crysis once and awhile as well however I will not be overclocking.

My specs are: Phenom II x4 920, 3GB DDR2, and a Radeon 5670
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  1. Yes it's alright to flip your PSU. I don't see why not. As for the air question. The top part and rear is exhaust for me :P rest are intake.
  2. Actually it was considered to be the common case to have your PSU at the top of the box with the fan facing down.
  3. The screw holes were positioned such that the fan must point down in a top mounted case, this was planned for. The fan will draw in air from the case and exhaust it out the back of the case.

    That BFG unit is significantly better than your old HEC unit and will handle a 5670 easily, you should be fine to do some gaming on it.
  4. So I noticed that while my computer is off the BFG psu makes a ringing noise that I can hear when my ear is about 6 inches or less from the back vent. Should I be worried about this? I can't hear any ringing while it it on though. My old psu never made this noise.
  5. What you are likely hearing is coil whine or a capacitor squealing slightly, generally they apply hot glue to the coils to reduce this, but it will always be present. If you can only hear it when you are that close to the unit i wouldnt worry about it, if it becomes loud enough to notice when at a normal distance from the machine then i would look into replacing the unit as its already a few years old to begin with.
  6. that's odd my friend said he bought it in june of last year and he never got any sort of whine or ringing. oh well
  7. Units age over time and sometimes whines arrive with age. Based on your description of it though i think its always been there, your friend just never had his ear less than 6 inches from the back vent of the PSU while the system was on.
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