Computer boots slooooowly, will not restart.

My computer has been acting weird lately, it boots normally only when I shut it down, if I restart, it boots in half an hour. and the startup process: "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD....." which normally takes a few seconds now takes a minute. The computer boots as if in slow motion. I recently replaced my heat sink, and some thermal paste got on the parts of the CPU which the thermal paste aren't supposed to reach, does that have anything to do with it?
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  1. Have you replaced anything else? (anything that would cause software glitches?) You haven't made any changes in BIOS, etc? (I'm just asking because most people get a new heatsink to overclock...) It seem to me that this is more likely to be a software issue. Hardware tends to either work or not work -- less of this in-between stuff.

    Post full system specs too. including age of system.
  2. id you use a silver based thermal paste like AS5? If you id you could be in trouble as it conducts electricity. Also might want to make sure it was mounted correctly when putting it back, also check your HD. Your drive may be dying.
  3. Ok, so booting it now, I get a beep code. I remember I read somewhere, this is due to the CPU overheating, so how do you remove thermal paste?
  4. If youve already taken it off and removed the paste from before and added more, why do you need to know how remove it? Did you just leave the old paste on?
  5. I need to remove it because 1. I did not remove the old thermal paste, I just added the new one on top of it. 2. The thermal paste on to the other parts of the CPU.
  6. Well that is certainly a good way to ruin a CPU. Get alcohol swabs and gently clean all the paste off. Completely. Did you use a silver based thermal grase? Already asked that and got no answer.
  7. Hah! Silly-adding more thermal paste would just make it conduct heat worse. I cant believe its not overheating worse.

    The point is to have as little paste as possible between the two parts -- heat conducts from metal to metal -- the paste is just to fill any TINY imperfections. Use a tack sized amount or less.
  8. There are guides here at Toms to do this, why dont you do some research ricazoid? Cant expect it to be done for ya ya know?
  9. Done removing thermal paste, and realized I have no more, so off to the store!
  10. Should put no more than a grain of rice sized dot of thermal paste on it and let the heatseak spread it.
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