Asrock A75 pro4 without graphic card for gaming

my friend suggest that i get Asrock A75 pro4 for mb for the new pc im getting,i have to answer him tomorrow so i dont have much time to research myself.

i dont know about apu and fm1 and those stuff, but he says i can play games like crysis 2 with high fps without having to buy a graphic card only by using this mainboard and a good cpu. :o

is this possible? i want to play skyrim for a month then move on to diablo3 when it comes :love:

if you know a link where i can check the perfomance of such pc would be great also.
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  1. I have no knowledge about that motherboard but from what I saw on the ASRock page it's got a decent GPU. It may not be enough to play crysis 2 or demanding games on high settings but it's possible that, with low graphics settings, you can get decent fps
  2. ok...i just bought these pieces and im playing skyrim on high and crysis 2 on medium high settings and very satisfied

    main board : Elite A75f-A
    cpu :AMD 3870K APU whic has AMD Radeon 6550 graphic
    and 8 gigs of ddr3 ram

    which are very cheap also :D
  3. I'm running that same board. Its an incredible build, especially when you add 2 AMD 7970's in Crossfire. Epic, Simply Epic.
    Oh, I'm running an A8 Black Edition, overclocked.

    Edit: I'm running an ASRock A75 Pro 4 with Hudson D3. (See my profile for my setup)
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