Which one is better : AMD Radeon 5670 or Nvidia GeForce GT 240?

both of them are DDR3 with 1GB... so i need your help to chose which one would be better for gaming.
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  1. The HD5670 is the better of the two. However, if you can save some money by going with the 512Mb version, go ahead. The card isn't powerful enough to utilize its vRam.
  2. performance wise HD5670 is better. but avoid cards with GDDR3 and get the one that equipped with GDDR5. normally for this kind of cards you don't need 1GB memory. 512MB should be enough
  3. i know that i should avoid DDR3 but im form macedonia and here can't find 512 mb DDR5 onli 1GB DDR5 but its too expensive :(
  4. is Sapphire 5670 1gb DDR3 good ??
  5. i think i understand you :D thx
  6. Quote:

    as I stated, it's all about clock speed so it really doesn't matter DDR3 or DDR5, what are the actual specs of the cards...
    I hope you understand..

    DDR5 has twice the bandwidth of DDR3 :heink:
  7. NVidia just released the GT 440, which is a faster version of the GT240, but, contrary to the GT 440 they had for OEM's a few months ago, only has 96 shaders (exactly like the GT240), instead of 144.

    Having said that, it has a higher clockspeed.

    However, Techpowerup has tested the 1 GB GDDR5 of the GT 440 against the HD5670 512MB GDDR5, and the GT440 loses almost all of the benchmarks!


    So, assuming both scale down linearly with DDR3, I'd say the HD5670 is the best. And given the fact that the GT240 comes with an even lower clockspeed...

    HD5670. Definitely the best card for the price.
  8. hey guys ...the guy from the shop told me that Asus ENGT240/DI/1GD3/A is better that Sappgire 5670 1GB DDR3 ???
  9. are you sure ?? can you explane why ??
  10. okey thx for the info :D
  11. one more question...when i plugin nvidia 240 should i update bios ??
  12. and should i uninstal drivers from my old radeon 1550 card ?
  13. after a long thinkig i order Sapphire 5670 1GB DDR3 :) thx to all for your help ...THX malmental :)
  14. good new guys...i bought my Sapphire 5670 graphic card today and it work perfectly !!! :D
  15. well definitely its better than gt 240.every benchmark shows it!
  16. i just play Prototype WOW and Assasins Creed all MAX and FullHD resolution :)) perfect :D
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