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Ok when i turn my computer on my screen is blank until the windows logo appears .. I dont get a splash screen or a screen that allows me to press Del f1 f2 or anything to allow me to enter my Bios. Originally i had no display and then i changed my psu and got this current issue. I flashed my Bios to the newest version and got the original problem back so i downgraded the bios to onee that atleast let me see windows so im thinking its a bios issue but im not entirely sure.. The system boots normally if i remove A gfX CARD

AMD PhenomII X6 1090T
8 gbs of Ram
Crossfire Radeon hd 6950's
Corsair AX 850 professional Series Gold
Mboard Asus M4A89GTD Pro

Hoping someone can give me some advice cuz im at a loss
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  1. I still get nothing even if i press the Bios Key (Del) the screen remain black
    If i remove one of my cards i get the Bios selection screen im starting to think i need a bigger PSU i thought 850 would be enough but im not so sure

    Again any help you guys can offer will be appreciated
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