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So I've been out of the game as keeping track of all the new hardware. I built my last computer about 2-3 years ago and after that I never really kept up to date. Also I bought a macbook and love it. I need a nice desktop especially for my side gaming addiction. I am looking for building a half-decent machine for around $500-1000.

My current setup:
Corsair 450w PSU
4gb DDR2
320gb HDD
Intel E7200 overclocked to 3.2ghz
Nvidia 9800GTX
Nvidia 780i Motherboard

Not sure if I left anything out. I would love to get your input on more relevant setup!
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  1. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. a $1000 machine will be far more than half decent. i will gladly give you some build suggestions, but i will need some more information. please fill out all the information as shown here. Please keep in mind that $500-$1000 is a huge budget range, and that i will generally shoot for the upper limit unless you are very specific about your needs: [...] ild-advice

    Since you already have a PSU, dvd drive, hdd, and case, you could upgrade to a very capable machine for around $500. if you would like to step up the overall performance even more, you would probably want to replace the psu and hdd.
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