I cant get my media center to stop freezing

I have a HP m3789a that I havnt used for awhile and I decided to start using it as a media centre. It did not display any video so I bought an Asus 210 1gb silent graphics card for it. I also got 2*1gb ram. I put in the new parts and it was working pefectly.

Then, it started freezing completely, and i could not move the cursor, so i would have to turn it off. It kept happening at random times, then after awhile it would only make it to the point that the OS loads (the loading bar freezes).

Here is what I have tried so far:

Reseatting the ram in different in configurations and in different slots
Putting in the old ram
Disconnecting the HDD and booting linux from usb (again freezes during the loading bar)
Repairing windows with an installation cd

It seems i can stay in the bios or in a "windows did not shut down properly" menu for as long as i want with no issue
EDIT: I just checked my computer and now im even frozen in the bios (It did take a significant amount of time)

It seems no matter what it will freeze :(

Other info :

Windows xp
2gb ram
Asus 210 1gb silent
Intel Pentium D 820

I feel like ive tried everything :(
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  1. Try to get hold of a different graphics card and try it to see if freezes continue.
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