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ASUS P8P67 Deluxe

Hi..recently I just built a new system. Prior, had an i5. (older model) I now have an intel core i7 2600k, ASUS P8P67 (Deluxe), WD 1TB HHD, 1000w Seasonic, graphics 4670 for monitor, but took out the 580 GTX because it got very hot and I need to use another case with better cooling. Anyway by just using the computer normally for emails online browsing etc., is not fast like I thought it would be. The old i5 was faster. Can it be I need to go into advanced bios to make configurations? I did try once and my saved settings made it where I could not boot to windows. So I went back in to set defaults and now I'm ok. But I was wondering if theres any setting to make this i7 faster? Any suggestions, I would really appreciate..Thx Pk :??:
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  1. Trust me, the i7 is MUCH faster than your old i5.

    You wouldn't notice the difference between a Celeron and a i7-2600 in internet and email because the cpu only uses about 1% of it's resources for that, so if it's slow then it's your internet connection.

    Did you do a fresh Windows install when you replaced your motherboard?
  2. Yes, I reinstalled windows. So another words you think its the server thats causing everything to be slow?
  3. Did u use the SSD for the old system?
  4. U can have some infection.
    Check it...

    Run #1 and than #2 @ Simple and free guide to removing malware
  5. Yes I had a SSD (OCZ 120GB, but I took it out before I reinstalled windows again. Because at the time I had lots of issues with BSOD. Didn't now what to do. I removed the GTX 580 and redid the memory, one mod at a time. Finally I figured out that it was the TPU switch was on and caused this. I'm still waiting to get a better case for the 580. So, you think I should put back the SSD?
  6. Well, that's the SSD, that response quickness vs HDD.

    Absolutely 100% yes, put it back.

    Clean install as an AHCI and if still BSOD, we'll talk about that later.
  7. BTW, what is the firmware version on that SSD?

    Post the exact model...
  8. Its a OCS Vertex 3 120GB SATA 3(6Gbps) . I feel it was the TPU switch that was on, that caused the BSOD, but I might be wrong.
  9. And did u upgrade the firmware?

  10. No, I don't think so.
  11. So you went from a system with a ssd to a system with a mechanical hd and your posting to ask why the other system was snappier........WoW.
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  13. I'm confused bc I had BSOD for a week now and a simple switch off seemed to stop it. But before that I had to try millions of tests and in the mean time I totally forgot about the SSD
  14. Okay the SSD is in and on the downloads page it says this:


    Updating the firmware from the toolbox is not supported when Windows is running off the drive you are trying to update.

    -Toolbox will not update a primary system drive (e.g. drive letter "C:"). You must run Windows from another drive and then update your SSD using Toolbox.
  15. LOL
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  17. Good luck!
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