ATI 6950 3 Monitors?

I have been running 2 monitors 1 via HDMI and 1 via DVI for a month on my new build.

I bought an LG monitor today thinking I could hook up a 3rd via my open DVI port and no go.

In reading I see I must sub out my HDMI for a Active Display Adapter.

Where is this best place to find one of these for cheap? Can I go pick one up at a Best Buy or am I ordering online.

Was hoping to use it tomorrow.

Oh and do I want the mini DP adapter or DP adapter?
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  1. Secondly, what would be the best setup for me.

    I have 3 monitors. Sadly they are all a different brand but are roughly the same size 22-23".

    Right now I have 2 working with one connected to DVI and the other on HDMI.

    My new monitor will accept DVI, HDMI and VGA.

    What adapter should I get to get his working.

    I'm only interested in extending my desktop for coding, web surfing etc. I'm fine gaming on one screen.
  2. My card is HID so the ports are mini DP.

    Would this adapter work then.

    I connect one via DVI, one via HDMI and one with this adapter to DVI?

    My local BB has this in stock.;+-+Apple+Mini+Display+Port+to+DVI+Adapter/9208519.p?id=1218059403252&skuId=9208519
  3. You can use a passive adapter (~$20) provided the monitors are not higher than 1920x1080 (1920x1200 might be a little iffy).
  4. I tried this with 3 32" TVs when I got my 5870 crossfire, just for fun. It didn't work, I had DVI x2 and HDMI x2 all at 1080p (1920x1080). After researching, it turns out you can only use EyeFinity when the Display Port is in use (as you've figured out, it sounds like), then it's your decision whether you use the HDMI + DVI or DVI x2. I recommend getting a passive adapter (as said), unless you want high quality resolutions in the future (which changes with monitors, so it isn't necessary. I'd personally do DVI x2 and 1 DP, putting the DP in the middle so it doesn't look "off"; I'd rather have paired display outputs rather than x1 HDMI, x1 DP, x1 DVI: not that it would make a difference.
  5. Ok, So I went to BB and got a Dynex Mini Display to DVI adapter...was in the MAC section.

    I go home and hook up one hdmi, one dvi and the miniDP and still the same problem. Only 2 can extend.

    I know the miniDP does work because I switched out the DVI and it worked great.
  6. I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but I thought you had multiple DP monitors, so I was talking about a DVI > Mini DP adapter. The Mini DP / DP has to be a native display port monitor, sorry for the confusion..
  7. Now I"m confused......What I'm reading online is that as long as you have one monitor using the Mini DP off the card either the other DVI or HDMI should work.

    That's not what I'm seeing.

    It does see the monitor in CCC, but when I go to extend the 3rd monitor it says not able to save this option. It disabled the 3rd monitor when I plug it in.
  8. Are you saying if I got get another mini DP to DVI or mini DP to HDMI and use 2 mini DP and 1 dvi or HDMI it'll work?

    My card is the HID ATI Radeon 6950. It has 1 single link DVI, 1 dual link DVI, 2 mini DP and 1 HDMI.

    From what I'm reading you can't have the HDMI and 2 DVI hooked up, but can have a DVI, HDMI and 1 mini DP...not what I'm seeing though.
  9. You can do whatever combination you like, but if you're using EyeFinity then you have to have a native display port monitor, meaning no converters, it has to be a natural display port monitor. After having one, the rest is your choice: 2 DVI, 1 DVI/HDMI, etc.
  10. Oh I have 2 that are native...not doing eyefinity...just extension.

    I asked on the AMD forums and they are saying I have to use an active adapter for the 3rd monitor setup for it to work.

    I'll take this back and try that I guess.

    Any idea where to get a good Active miniDP to DVI adapter?
  11. Do you have a local microcenter? From first hand experience: I could get all 3 monitors working (x2 DVI, x1 HDMI), but to get he EyeFinity effect/support (having the taskbar in all 3 like one mega wide screen) you'll need a native mini DP monitor, you can't use any adapter; I tried active adapters as well. I could use DVI adapters but the mini DP has to be full native from my first hand experience / understanding.
  12. No, we don' t have that here.

    I ordered this.

    We'll see if it works. I'm not as worried about eyefinity. I'd take it if it did work, but I'm ok with just extending the desktop at this point.
  13. Got the above cable in and it worked like a charm, so you do need an active cable after all.
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