1600mhz running at 1333mhz. Dead RAM? Headache

I've got a 16GB (4x4) kit of Corsair Vengeance LP on a Gigabyte x79 UD3. It should be running at 1600. My timings and voltages are at default settings which are different than what's written on the RAM. For some reason it defaults the clock to 667 and changes my timings.. and I change my clock and timings so it displays that it's running at 1600mhz. But even after I change it in the BIOS it still comes out running at 1333mhz in CPU-z. Just can't figure it out.

And to add to my problem I thought I had a dead DIMM. I put it on my board and it won't post. So I went to return the DIMMs today but the guy at the shop was able to get his system to post no problem. WTF. Is my board being a pain in the ass or is there something else I could be doing?

Thanks for any ideas and help you can give me. I'm a rook.
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    First of all. Reset the BIOS using the CLRCMOS switch or something similar on your motherboard. Then, put your 4 sticks of RAM back in the MOBO and go into BIOS. Vengeance supports Intel XMP profiles. Go to your RAM settings in your bios, and look for something called Intel XMP Profile. XMP is a profile for Ram timings and speeds preset. When you find it, click it and switch it to 1600mhz XMP profile. This is a very simple process usually requiring a few clicks. After you set the XMP profile, you should be able to see the RAM going at 800mhz in CPUZ

    Vengeance RAM are underclocked by default, so you need to manually set it in the BIOS using Intel XMP profile. Hope this helps, and if you find a best answer, don't forget to select as best answer!
  2. Don't know how I forgot to clear the CMOS. I think I screwed up and tried to return the wrong RAM yesterday (brutally stupid and hilarious). Because I'm able to get each individual DIMM to post in the first slot except for one. Anyway...I did have success with the XMP profile. Got the 8gigs I have in running at 800. Thanks a lot for the help man.
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