IE explorer crashing after fullscreen on youtube?

Ok, i have a Nvidia 8400 GS, i know this is a way out of date card but everytime i want to open youtube it crashes IE 8+9 (tried both) and restarts it. now it NEVER did this on my old single core processor system but on my new computer it is..

AMD Athlon II x3 450
4g DDR3
Nvidia 8400 GS
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  1. First: Use Internet Explorer to visit and download FireFox.
    Second: Install FireFox and allow it to become "Default Browser."
    Third: Remove shortcut to Internet Explorer.
    Fourth: Never use Internet Explorer again.
    Fifth: If you continue to have issues, there may actually be a problem. If the problem goes away, it was simply Internet Explorer.

    Here's the link to make it easier:
  2. It still crashed on Mozilla, said on yotuube video, adobe flash player crashed, I have latest flash player downloaded
  3. Yeah, that happened to me too. But only when I am watching 720p+ and it did not download yet. 420 and lower is fine. I also have crapy gpu on my laptop. Let it download 100% and it won't crush. As what it is caused by, I have no idea.
  4. Here is the answer to the issue.

    do this and the issue will be fixed
  5. You have option to come back to previous version Flash plugin v10.1.102.64
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