Got a doa MSI Z68, What is a viable alternative?

So my msi board, has over 20 bugs. Newegg made an exception (god I love those guys), to make a full refund and allow me to buy a different model.

I cant tell what I should get. Overclocking will be moderate but only when needed, like skyrim.

I know the Z77 boards come out tomorrow. But cant make up my mind to wait or get a Asus/Asrock mobo.

Why is there a $60 difference between these 2 mobos, when the only difference is a GUI bios.

Im done with msi, 3 bad boards, GG I quit. Please I am open to any advice.
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  1. The Asus board has intel LAN, USB3.0 motherboard headers, more USB2.0, built in Bluetooth, suppers faster memory standards, has uefi, and probably some other features if you bothered to use neweggs compare option. Most importantly its not an Asrock
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