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While browsing the web or just sitting at the desktop sometimes my monitor will flash off then on real fast accompanied by the device connected/disconnected sound, though it might be duel monitors, but disconnected 2ed monitor and it still happened, does it maybe once an hour if not less, see it maybe 3 times a day on average. My system specs are

CPU: AMD Phenom 2 555, unlocked to quad b55
Mobo: Asrock Extreme 3 870
Ram: 8 Gigs Gskill 1600
Video Card: MSI N560GTX Ti
PSU: Rosewill 630w Single rail

connected to the PC:

Logitech wave wireless Keyboard and MX1100 wireless mouse
Microsoft Lifecam USB webcam
Rosewill 12in1 card reader attached to mobo USB

Thought it might be a video card issue, but I remembered it did the same thing with my MSI 9600 GT
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    I don't think it's your video card. That issue might be because of the cable of the monitor. Check to see if they are loose or bent.
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