Console and PC to Dell U2410 at the same time?

Wasn't sure exactly where to post this question. I just bought a Dell U2410 display and noticed the multitude of connections on the back. I also noticed that I have to manually change input from DVI to HDMI and such. I have only had one thing connected at a time though.

I'm getting tired of unplugging and plugging into the back of this thing when I want to use the PC or PS3. Can I have both my PC and PS3 connected to this monitor at the same time and just switch between them using the monitor menu for switching input?

Since changing input is manual I am curious about this and it would save me a lot of trouble each time I want to use the other device.
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  1. Try it and see what happens, I think it will work fine.
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    Yes you can. I have my PC, PS3, Roku, and Xbox 360 all attached to my Dell U2410 and I switch between them as needed. This capability is built into all monitors with multiple inputs.
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