GTX 580 SLi ON/OFF (doesn't matter) with V-sync random framedrops

Hello community,

Yesterday, one little problem happened to me, and it really bugs me. Whenever I turn on V-sync I notice that, in games my refresh rate seems to be lower than 60Hertz (not running 60FPS), because aprox. every 3-5 seconds I experience framedrops ( about 1-3 frames), which causes strange lag(0,5 sec. stop & go,stop & go, all over again). I'm also unable to set my resolution in games to run at 60Hz, I see everything but 60. My native resolution is 2560x1600 at 60Hertz, but when gaming only option for this or lower resolution is 59 (in case of 1200p, 1080p, and 75/85 when dealing with 1280x1024 or similar). Also when I set to Nvidia Scaling in Control panel, every resolution which is lower than my native, is not stretched to whole display( 1:1 surrounded by black frame), so I'm forced to use my display built-in scaling. I also reinstalled drivers (uninstall, Driver Sweeper, downloaded fresh, clean install).

Any suggestions are welcome!

Thank you,

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  1. Solved that framedrops. Aida 64 (EX-Everest) was causing it. To be more precise, LCD items on my logitech keyboard. Anyway, that resolutions at certain Hz still make me worry.
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