Worst and Best brands?

As far as motherboards go, I personally like ASUS and i've heard good things about Intel (naturally) and Gigabyte. I don't like MSI. Although prices are good, i've had lots of trouble with them so i do not buy them anymore.

Opinions? Best and Worst motherboard manufacturers? and what about for RAM?
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    Never had an intel, cause of high price. But MSI has given me a god forbidden amount of problems. I love Gigabyte, and its been awhile since I tried asus.
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  3. I've had multiple MSi boards over the years..never had a problem. I know 2 other guys who each ran MSI boards back in the Athlon XP days, for like 4 years. They still worked fine when I sold the boards for them on Ebay. I've also had half a dozen MSI graphics cards through the years with no problems.
  4. I guess its all luck. I want to like MSI lol, low prices and cool features. But GG I quit.
  5. Foxconn. They are by far terrible.
  6. I have nothing bad to say about my Gigabyte mobo at all. Really glad I went with them for my current build, I'll probably get another Gigabyte when it's time to upgrade.
  7. msi is a bad board. it cant create a low temperature environment for your cpu. if you buy msi , you'll have high temperature problem.

    you gotta install extreme cooling systems to keep its temperature low. too expensive. i regret i buy msi. i should have just chose gigabyte.
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