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I'm hoping to have this answered quickly, but I went to AMD's website and noticed that 11.2 was out, and I was still running 10.12 so I decided to upgrade. With the upgrade, I'm starting to have audio problems (I had these problems earlier with 10.12 but forgot how I fixed them), anyways: I have HDMI hooked up through my Diamond 5870, and have onboard video / sound disabled. So, basically my problem is this: the TV shuts the audio down unless audio is being streamed, so when you use your computer to browse and you have no audio then it's fine, but when a message pops up with a sound it usually gets cut out because my TV "refreshes" the HDMI signal, so to speak (the HDMI #1 output comes up at the top), and stays on for about 10 seconds then turns off again, so when I'm playing games and there's a dead silent part (like AFKing in WoW), then the audio will turn off until audio is being streamed again. What should I do? I've tried disabling all audio devices besides HDMI, enhancers, new HDMI cable, etc.
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  1. Nobody knows?
  2. Quick update: Loading SC2, then going to desktop and the sound works without a flaw. Checking the device, Windows says "Starcraft 2 is taking control of your sound devices." How do I permanently get this effect? ATI support is closed until Monday, I called 12 minutes after they closed.. can someone help? :/

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  3. Seeing a decrease in performance between 10.12 and 11.2, I rolled back to 10.12 with 11.2's CCC. I still haven't figured out my sound problem.. does anyone know why it's shutting off when I'm on my desktop?
  4. Bump.. I need this fixed. I rolled back to 11.2 due to a problem with Starcraft 2. Whenever sound turns on the "HDMI #1" come up as if it refreshed the entire signal, but it's annoying.. so how do I make it constantly stream audio?
  5. The loss of HDMI audio after switching or refreshing the signal seems to be related to the ATI driver defaulting back to DVI-D mode.
    It seems to be present in the 10.x through 11.x drivers. You may also get a popup incorrectly indicating that the ATI card is connected to a DVI-D monitor.

    It seems that the ATI drivers now assume DVI-D by default. So if you switch the monitor after boot time BIOS initialization, the HDMI connection does not EDID handshake properly and default the output back to no audio DVI-D mode.

    I wish that ATI would put a monitor EDID display and refresh buttons into CCC to make troubleshooting a bit easier.
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