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My parents currently have a Dell (was very basic when bought 5+ years ago) and have heard/read that it is easier (better?) to build a computer than buy one from stores.

I am new to this thing and after looking through reviews/recommendations have come up with a list of some parts I’m considering.
Approximate Purchase Date: Next two weeks
Budget Range: $800 AU (pretty much same price USD)
System Usage from Most to Least Important: General Internet browsing, uploading photo’s, general program use (does use design CAD – not sure if this has special requirements)
Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers
Preferred Website(s) for Parts: will be sourcing locally as I’m from Australia (you can recommend products from websites and I’ll find equivalent parts in Australia)
Country of Origin: Australia
Parts Preferences: I’m thinking AMD as it does not need to be state of the art
Overclocking: Probably not – not sure I fully understand
SLI or Crossfire: Probably not – not sure I fully understand
Monitor Resolution: 1280x1024 (I think)
Additional Comments: I would like it to last several years and be able to be easily upgradable in future
So far the parts I have in mind are

AMD Athlon II x 4 640 3.0GHz

Gigabyte GA-890GPA – UD3HM
(I was thinking GA-880G-UD3H as this is significantly cheaper and may be ideal for this set-up)

Corsair 4GB 1x4GB CMZ4GX3MIA1600C9

Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM SATAIII 6GB/S 3.5inch 32MB

Sony optiarc DVD Dual Layer Burner Black SATA 24x writer 31/5

Im unsure about PSU – After going through reviews I believe that a 400W will do?

As for tower I was thinking…
Antec 300 tower

As for the graphics card – they won’t need anything special. I believe even 512Mb will do

Will I need heat sink fan?

Is there anything that I've missed out on? I am not sure if everything I have choson is compatable and I'm sure there are other variations I could have to this - I'm open to suggestions.
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  1. i think if your parents are using it for surfing the net you can go as low as a athlon ii x2 should be sufficient
    i dont think your parents will even need a graphics card... the onboard graphics card should do the job
    a 400w psu would be enough for this system..
    and i would suggest that you look for another smaller case instead of a mid tower...
    you already have the os? if not you should fit it in your budget as it is not that cheap...
  2. I would go with the 880G Motherboard
    the HD 4250 intergrated graphics should do you parents just fine. you can always upgrade to a discete GPU later. (xmas/birthday present)

    I think the Antec 300 maybe a little flashy for your parents. check out these antec cases with PSU's. antec's PSU' are very solid. 430watts is plenty of power. even the 380 will work good.

    Antec NSK6582B Black Super Mid Tower Case with EarthWatts 430D Watt PSU
    Antec NSK4482B Black ATX Tower

    get them win 7 64 home premium as an os.

    looks good other than that.
  3. Yeah i've got the OS myself.

    I would go to the lower athlon II x 2 but i house sit for them a lot and hence would be using their computer so i would prefer to go the athlon II x 4
  4. how exactly is the antec 300 flashy? its a black box.
  5. genghiskron said:
    how exactly is the antec 300 flashy? its a black box.

    Oops! I was commenting on several threads, one involved the "Illusion" version of the 300 with the Blue LED's. I saw the Antec 300 listed and was thinking blue LEDS and Parents. You are right that version is the plain Jane black box. The Antec NSK case w/PSU is still a good deal though.
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