New HDD and windows 7 reinstall. BIOS problem?

I recently bought a used custom PC from someone on the internet(bought in person after seeing it run though).Windows perfomance index was showing 7.9 on everything but data transfer which was 5.6. I wanted to replace the 400Gb 5400rpm HDD with a SATA III 1TB WD cavier Black for speed and the fact that the win7 ultimate on existing was a hacked version. Hard drive was replaced and I installed Win7 Home premium genuine that I had. Now Windows is showing 6.0 on perfomrance with a slight increase on data. Drivers were reinstalled GPU and such. System seems a bit unstable and wouldnt boot twice. could this be a BIOS problem? The PC specs are as follows.
MB:Asus M4A89GTD pro/usb3
Proc:Phenom IIx6 1100
GPU:MSI gtx 570 frzrIII
MEM:12gb kingston ram
Hope someone can help. Thanks
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  1. I have never seen any mechanical hard drive even Velociraptors or RAID 0 7200RPM drives score over a 5.9 in WEI. Only SSDs score over 5.9. Also I had to overclock my 2600K to 4.5Ghz to get a 7.9 processor score. I don't believe a GTX 570 scores a 7.9 either. All in all WEI is not a good measure of performance and really can be ignored. With my listed system I score:
    Processor: 7.9
    RAM 7.8
    Graphics 7.3
    Gaming graphics 7.3
    Primary hard disk ( SSD ) 7.7

    Is your system overclocked? That could cause instability.
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