Surround sound headset a good idea?

I recently got two pairs of Corsair HS1 usb headsets. I noticed if I loaded up my local talk radio show 99.3 and was playing sc2 I'd get alot of crackling. I tried messing with the drivers settings and still was having the crackling issue. Tried removing the drivers and doing fresh install. Both of them were basically a nightmare, luckily newegg gave me a refund on both headsets. All of the reviews for the hs1 gave it pretty good marks and recommendations. I've looked at the Logitech G35's and it was easy to find problems with their drivers, some games not working at all like witcher 2, etc. So i was scared away from these into the hands of the Hs1's.

So I guess the question to you audio guys out there what surround sound headset would your recommend for a gamer that is half comfortable, decent with music, but good with gaming/surround sound gaming. 5.1/7.1 but will still be able to have my talk radio running in the background, without a crackling. One more thing I got a two year old so I also picked the corsair hs1's because they are very durable and I want this headset to last atleast a year. Tired of buying $35 logitech headsets, my son destroys them.

I guess I should specify i'd really like them to be usb and have a good mic on them.

My budget would be $100. Spent 94.99 on the hs1's and they were basically useless besides the factor that they were really durable.
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  1. Well, its possible the combination of SC2 and online radio was causing either too much bandwidth [USB can only carry so much...], or simply causing the signals to intermix in the headset. Try muting in-game volume for SC2 and see if that solves the issue, just to narrow things down a bit.
  2. you could reduce the volume of the radio and the game volume.
  3. I don't get how it could be the bandwidth I had it plugged into usb 3.0 on my motherboard and 2.0 on my girlfriends. But I had it doing crackling in other instances. Not just one radio station, two, some of the stuff on youtube. The only game it actually worked on was crysis 2. I had my logitech z5's plugged in but I also had every sound device besides the headphones disabled so I dont see how this could interfere? So I guess the purpose of this thread was really to get suggestions on a usb headset or a different solution that's more fool proof. I mean I tried messing with the drivers changing from 2.0 being put to and the ingame settings. The rma was faster then usual at newegg and I got the ups shipping label right after I posted this and happily sent them off. Corsair has no contact phone # I could find. I think its pretty important to be able to talk to someone on the phone so they could help me, so when i saw that wasn't a option I jumped off the ship while i could. Even razer has phone support. Then I noticed that in the forums its a common problem although i didn't notice this in any of the reviews. Corsair can't duplicate it, claims they've built many systems and there's been no driver updates since launch so that kinda scared me away too.

    Sad part I really liked the construction of the headphones and they make a analog version i'm half looking at now... I know my onboard sound sucks but maybe if I get a cheapo sound card that converts 2.0 to doby i can just buy some analogs? See I don't know crap about surround sound. Or audio thats why I got the usb headset so I could just plug it in and mess with the sound settings how the manual described. I followed their directions to the t on the audio settings and still got that crackling..
  4. Well, most soundcards come equiped with Dolby Headphone, which is basically what surround headsets use in the first place. So even a cheap soundcard [ASUS Xonar D1/DX and HT Omega Striker come to mind] offers the ability to use the effect.
  5. gamerk316 said:
    Well, most soundcards come equiped with Dolby Headphone, which is basically what surround headsets use in the first place. So even a cheap soundcard [ASUS Xonar D1/DX and HT Omega Striker come to mind] offers the ability to use the effect.

    Ya i need to look at what expansion slots are open and the soundcard options. Now besides that what headset would be good for ventrillo, skype, teamspeak where I wouldn't always have to push to talk. I play real time strategy games and holding down a button on the side of my mouse really slows down a build order, etc.

    Are there any headsets that you guys could recommend that are a little under 100, so I could have some money to blow on a decent sound card?

    The reviews for the corsair hs1 compared it to some expensive headset that I keep seeing people talk about. I know that it sounds funny to ask for so much for around $100 but to be honest if the 35$ Logitech didn't break i'd be happy with them just because I can listen to my music in peace without complaints, and then I do have a mic so I can talk to friends. But for $100 bucks i'd expect to not have to use the ptt function because the mic would actually be worth a crap?
  6. Ok, I've looked around and the g35's are pulling me in again. I wish they output 5.1 also, does anyone have any experience with these headphones?

    these also look pretty good
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