What card should i get?

I want to get a decent card for my q8200(at stock speeds, with locked bios) and i dont wanna get something that i cant use to the fullest. Price is kinda a big deal so im planning to stay on the cheaper side.
I know i asked this multiple times, but i used all your answers and bases my decision down to 2 cards the 5770 and gtx 460 768mb. Or is there are any other cards you recommend.

What cards would keep coldest and over clock well?
i heard the galaxy card is kinda noisy, but not sure is that's ture.
i am leaning toward the asus or msi card. What would you choose thanks!?
Id also appriciate it if you posted a card you think i should get!
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  1. I'm unsure if the Q8200 will limit the 768MB GTX460 or not. If it doesn't, it's the highest I'd go for the price.

    If you're into rebates, consider this card.

    $143 with a $40 MIR card.
  2. that's kind of pricey
  3. That Galaxy is pure win with the $40 rebate but get the 768MB one in your original post.
    Don't forget to send in that rebate!
  4. My card is the same price as the first link you gave; just after rebat.
  5. The MSI is a good card with good cooling.

    What is your power supply?
  6. my psu is 700w
  7. You're fine for the PSU.
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