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Need to replace motherboard

Have a Gigabyte GA Z68 XPUD4 and just cant get the bugs out of it. Have gone from the boot loop cycle problem to other problems and finally have it working half decent but its just not running right. To long a story to go through but from what I have heard the Z68 chipset is not that stable.

So have decided to get the Z77 chipset on a replacement motherboard , so I dont want to commit the same mistake and want a good motherboard that is stable , stable and even more stable.......


btw: i7 2700k cpu
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  1. have you updated your bios on the gigabyte board to the most current?

    side note, my asrock z68 is rock solid even at 4.9ghz on the cpu. i leave my computer up for weeks without a reboot
  2. theres no need to RMA your board just do what the guy said above ^^^^^^
  3. yes.....updated BIOS and thats when the problems started yesterday

    never intended RMA'ing mobo

    anyway, not to be rude but this thread is about getting a new motherboard but thanks for the replies
  4. took the plunge and got a z77 motherboard from gigabyte
  5. cool tell us results
  6. well its the GA Z77X UD5H

    and not boot problems and basically the only problems I got was when I used the Gigabyte utilities especially the overclocking one .. overclocking was a disaster and it was only a mild o.c and the temp was low

    ended up removing it and not o/cing at all BUT I have updated the Bios to F5 which is suppose to fix some o/c problems BUT I dont intend to o/c anyway

    One thing is it boots quick , very quick
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    good to hear. your probably better off not o/cing anyways
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