Need help to gauge wattage requirement for multi-port usb hub.

Hi Guys,

Need help in gauging if a USB hub can power all my 16 USB devices. I'm looking at the Century JUMBO MULTIPLE HUB with 16-ports and 22.5W power supply.


Super USB Hub with 16 ports and 22.5W power supply unit built in!
Customized item - MOQ 1000 pcs

# Specifications


Jumbo Multiple Hub is a USB Hub with up to 16 hubs for PC maximum expansion.

The power supply unit (22.5V) is built in so an AC adapter is not even necessary .

Up to 2 PCs can be connected to the hub once.

Convenient PC selection option is built in.

Jumbo Multiple Hub

Model number



22.5 V


356 g


116mm (W) × 63mm (H) × 67mm (D) ( hinges not included )


? Because this product is a self-power USB hub, more than 1 bus power- USB machine s (consumption electricity up to 5V / 500mA each machine) can be connected .

? Maximum 8 bus power-USB machines ( total consumption electricity is maximum 5V 4.5A ) can be connected.

? If machines with big consumption electricity such as bus power-USB hard disks are connected, the number of the upper limits might be less than 8 machines.

? The total power supply is up to maximum 22.5V in total and might be less due to different cases.

4 ) Space saving
The power supply (22.5V) is built in so an extra AC adapter is not necessary

Hardware Specs

16 USB 2.0 ports
Voltage: 100V-240V
22.5V built in power supply
Dimension: 116 x 67 x 63mm (approx.)
Weight: 373g

I've 16 of the following devices which needs to be connected to this hub.

SUPPLY VOLTAGE 4,75V to 32V DC input, [2A peak/4,75V, 3mA Idle]

Hope someone can help. Thanks. :s22:
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