Asus M5A99X-EVO issue

Please enter SETUP to recover BIOS setting

Hi there guys! :D

A few months ago I bought a new computer that looks like this:

AMD FX 4100
Asus M5A99X-EVO
Kingston 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL9
Gigabyte ATI Radeon HD6850
Sirtec 500W

It worked WONDERFUL till now (well it still does but it shows up this annoying message at boot-up: Please enter SETUP to recover BIOS setting)

I tried flashing the BIOS and updating it to the latest version on the ASUS website. The update worked. The issue is still there however.
I saw that there was another thread regarding this matter saying that I should update the BIOS which I just did :( No luck.

Any advices ?

Also .. the RAM works at 1333 MHz now. I had to manually set it to 1600 MHz. After the "save and exit setup" it still goes to 1333 MHz.
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  1. come on guys ? No suggestions ?

    Anything ...
  2. Also ... I noticed today that the BOOT_DEVICE_LED is ON until I enter UEFI BIOS and manually select my HDD to boot.

    I have disabled the "wait for F1 error" option also... no luck :(
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