Monitor will not display after installing new GPU!

I installed the Thermalright Shaman on my EVGA GTX470 and now the monitor will not display. I know I did the procedure the proper way and I followed all precautions. After finding out it will not work I took the Shaman off and reapplied new thermal paste. Still would not work...

Any ideas? The computer boots fine but will not display any image.
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  1. try to do some tricks like putting out the gpu and again in a few times until it wokrs..this is a strange problem. pathetic.. how i hate computers
  2. Have you tried booting using onboard video and the graphics card out? You may have damaged the card... nothing can be done if you have.
  3. Spray the pcie port and ram slots with RP7 or WD40 and reseat them and try again

    also make sure you didnt bump something else out, and you connected the power up again etc
  4. Well I figured out it was not the video card. I tried a different card and it did not work.

    I also realized it is not POSTing so I took out the ram and other parts and the mobo will still not beep. Tried a different power supply and same result. Now I need to figure out if it is the i7 950 processor or Gigabyte X58A-UD3R motherboard; both of which are only 2 months old.

    My monitor is acting slow too. For the mean time I am using my old computer in place and the Dell U2311H is real slow. It does not display until WIndows 7 has almost loaded, and when pushing the menu button it takes about 5-10 seconds for it to respond.

    Everything just has horrible timing.
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