Best graphic card for rs 4000 for intel g31

My specifications are:
Intel G31
Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz 3.2 Ghz
RAM - 2 GB

I also have a Nvidia 8400 GS but is a CRAP!

My Budget is Rs. 4000 - 4500.
I also have a choice of Nvidia 9500 GT and HD 5550 and HD 4650.

Please tell me which one is good for games like Assasin's Creed 2, Call Of Duty Black Ops, etc.

If there is any other card please tell me...

I'll be very thankful if anyone helps...

Please Help
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  1. Strike the 9500GT off your list, I have one and don't think it's up to the job of running those kind of games very well. I can't speak for the other two as I haven't tried them.
  2. Thanks man
    Tell me if know any other good card at the same price...
  3. hey man why not going for 4670 HD(DDR 3 version),it is super gaming card within rs 4500 and declared as a minimum gpu for decent/latest means if you use something under 4670 hd you may not be able to play crysis@medium settings and with with less resolution(you have not mentioned your monitor size,if that maximum 18.5 lcd screen a 512 mb 4670 should be enough but if you have any bigger monitor you have to go for 1gb,in a 18.5 screen you can play games with 1024*768 res if your card can't play decent games with high resolution,but with a bigger monitor such 22 inch you can't use 1024*768 res,cause it will make problems in your viewing experience)....I don't know how you have choosen 5550 HD,you can't get it for 4500.....but if you really pay somthing more you can get 9800 gt which is a great gaming card,you have to pay 4800-5000 to take it.but to use 9800gt u must have a 450 watt DECENT psu,without it you can't use 9800gt where 4670 hd can be handled with 400 watt(it is recommended by manufacturer but in real a 350 watt psu can handle it).......I CAN UNDERSTAND YOU ARE INDIAN LIKE ME BUT IT IS AN INTERNATIONAL FORUM,YOU HAVE NOT GOT ENOUGH REPLY CAUSE YOU HAVE SAID "RS 4000" AND FOREIGN EXPERTS CAN'T UNDERSTAND IT,LISTEN TO ME,NOW 1 US $ EQUALS TO 40 RUPEES,SO ALWAYS WRITE COST IN US DOLLER WITH THE HELP OF MENTIONED EQUATION,YOU HAVE TOLD 4000RS WHICH MEANS 100 US $...THANKS
  4. a 5670 is the max you can puchase.
  5. I agree on the HD4670
    Anything more powerful/expensive is pretty pointless with your processor.
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