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As you can see this is my first thread and I'm new on Tom's Hardware.
I have a problem about my MOBO.
I am planning on buying a new processor next week, core 2 duo.
My motherboard is:
I know it's LGA775 and core 2 duo will fit on it.
But the GPU is the problemo.
I have a ddr2 Sparkle Geforce 8400GS 512MB on my MOBO.
Will a ddr3/Gddr2/ETC. GPU fit my MOBO?
If none, can you suggest a video card powerful enough to run skyrim on medium/low.
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  1. You need to buy a processor that's on the supported list: Before suggesting a GPU (most PCI Express GPU should work), could you tell us which CPU you'll install and what PSU is installed?
  2. I already said I'm buying a core 2 duo.
    I know not the brand of the PSU but I'm exactly sure it's 800 Watts.
    Can you give me an explanation of the difference of ddr2 and PCI.
    I have an 8400GS 512 MB on my motherboard.
    I know it's ddr2 because the box says so.
    My only problem is the new GPU (I'm still looking for a cheap but better than my current GPU).
    I see something:
    That's from my motherboard page.
    Is that the list of compatible video cards for my Motherboard?
  3. The CPU support list indicates that any LGA775 CPU will work.

    The kind of memory (DDR2, GDD3, or GDDR5) on the video card will not matter because the CPU does not directly talk to the graphics memory.
  4. JoshuaLintag, the type of memory on the GPU doesn't have and rarely is the same as what's installed on the motherboard. Just decide on which PCIe GPU you want and it should work.
  5. What's a PCIe?
    I have no knowledge.
    So, I'll just get a 9800GT and plug it in my motherboard?
  6. PCIe is a short name for PCI Express. You'll buy a used 9800GT? Why not consider a newer video card like a GTX 550 Ti or an HD 6770?
  7. josh it sounds like your on a very tight budget. they have newer low end sandy bridge chips .
    you want to use a 1155 mb. if you need to you can toss in a faster cpu when the prices drop when ivory comes out in a few weeks. if you stay with a name brand micro atx mb there not bad at there price point. if you can afford the intel mb and 1155 cpu then i would look into amd set up..wont be as fast in games but you get a better cost on low end system.
  8. I have $150-200 (P7000) for a budget.
    I'm buying a core 2 duo.
    But I'm not sure what GPU.
    I'm looking for a GPU that can play Skyrim smoothly.
    I never saw a GTX 550 Ti or 6770 here on Philippines.
    I'm not buying a used video card.
  9. You have $150-200 for both the CPU and the GPU? What will the Core 2 Duo cost? What video cards are available for the rest of your budget? Used parts often are very good and you can save a lot, particularly on the video card.
  10. The core 2 duo costs about 150 dollars.
    I still have a $50-100 dollar budget
  11. That should be enough for a used AMD Radeon HD 5770. I don't know about prices in your country, but they can be bought for $80 or less where I live.
  12. You have an older mobo with a PCIE v1.0 port and it's possible that a new GPU (PCIE v2.0) may not work.
    If you stick with the 9800GT you will be fine though.
  13. Thanks!
    I'll try to look for an HD 5770
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