What is TurboCache????

i came know about Nvidia GeForce GT 440
But is is having " Turbo Cache"
What the hell is "TurboCache"
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  1. lol. it will be much quicker if you use the help of uncle G to find the answers:

  2. Turbocache like ATI's hypermemory is the worst invention in the world of computing in the last decade. AVOID EVERY CARD THAT HAS IT!!!!! Trust me it is only problems. Not only does it take memory from the rest of the system but also slows it down. In Vista/win7 often like to set the max that it can offer and end up taking a lot more ram than it says on the box.
  3. Yep -- Marketing Gimmick that makers came up with to sell video cards that had low amounts of onboard memory competing with higher end models with more memory to consumers that did not know better !
  4. Thanks...
    You mean that where ever the word Turbo Cache is mentioned it is a "waste of money card"...
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