Hi Guys I've had a new set-up made about 2 months ago up until last week it was perfect now I'm finding stuttering and the thing that I don't understand is it was first during gaming now it can happen as easy as listening to music after the computer turns on?.. I don't know what is going on but it makes no sense to me.

System Specs:

Nvidia Asus 560gtx
Kingston 16gig Ram 1600mhz
Gigabyte: z68X-UD3-B3

if anyone can help it will be highly appreciated.
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  1. Did u install any updates?

    Or HW upgrade was done?
  2. It could be a virus too.

    Run #1 and than #2 @ Simple and free guide to removing malware
  3. Aye did i did install new updates for the new Nvidia Drivers, but i did a clean installation i even used Driver Sweeper to get rid of all the left over registry files, after using that i also used CCleaner. i highly doubt i have a virus but i will install Avast now and check. the issue must be something related to hardware its just not making any sense..
  4. disable the HDMI sound.
  5. Why HDMI? and by that do u mean the HD sound.. and if this does prevnt the issue from happening what do you suggest the issue is ?? Motherboard, Drivers, or GPU..
  6. You should have met half way with an i5 2500k and a GTX 560 Ti 448. You have an overpowered CPU and an underpowered GPU. CPU isn't even overpowered, it's just a £100 extra one that has features only for video editing for example.
  7. lol the solved all my issues didnt it lol.. the thing now is i dont think its stuttering its weird to explain i did a cpu stress test with memory testing aswell and nothing happened i think the problem must be the GPU or motherboard.
  8. its like when i play a game the sound and game stutters in a weird form as in everything stops and then a split second later it continues and as the graphic card continues to play it gets worst and worst..
  9. Take your stuff back and buy those things I said.
  10. miladx21 said:
    Why HDMI? and by that do u mean the HD sound.. and if this does prevnt the issue from happening what do you suggest the issue is ?? Motherboard, Drivers, or GPU..

    the sound ( HDMI ) drivers that are included in the graphics driver updates can produce conflicts with the onboard sound or with the sound card if you have one.
  11. Anyways ill update you guys a lil i changed my motherboard to Z68XP-UD3 And it continued, its making no sense to me, i also formatted and made sure that i installed everything smoothly now, the stuttering occurred during youtube anyway so i though why not ill just check even viewer

    and i found out the WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) was having issues and showed that each time i had turned my pc on since the formatting it had an error at start-up now im hoping there is a software wizard on here, but can WMI cause stuttering issues with sound.. im starting to think the reason everything else lags isent cause the display its cause of the sound.. any-ways please guys id really appreciate some advice..
  12. Try MSI Afterburner and slightly raise both the Core & Memory clocks; each +10~+20MHz. Interesting WMI is causing issues?!
  13. Still no Stuttering since the fix of the Errors on event Viwer by WMI lol
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